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Treating Flea Bites On Humans

Flea bites on humans happen, even in the cleanest of homes. It is not normal for fleas to actually live on people. They prefer animals because they can hide in their fur, and feed off of their blood as they need it. However, if you’ve kept a pet in your home and it picked up fleas from where ever, it’s very likely you have fleas in your home. Though the fleas would much rather feed off the pet, if the pet isn’t available you are game.
Fleas have no problem using people as a meal if the pet isn’t available. They want the blood more than anything else, and since you have some of what they want, they will gladly take some of yours when you least expect it. Until you get rid of the fleas in your house, you’ll need to know how to treat flea bites on humans.
So how do you do you this? Well, first off, it’s not necessary to run to your doctor immediately for treatment. You probably have home remedies available to treat flea bites effectively and get rid of the itch. Just look around your house and see if you can locate some of the ingredients we’ll discuss a little bit later in the article. You never know. You may already have some of them.
Make sure that you keep the area affected clean at all times. Use antiseptic lotion when you clean the areas and only use cold water. Warm or hot water has a tendency to make people inch, and we don’t want that. It’s a good idea to apply a cold pack to the bitten areas since this will help greatly reduce any swelling you may experience. Scratch at your own risk, because you could potentially open up wounds and make yourself susceptible to secondary infections.
If you feel it’s necessary then you can use a mild steroid cream such as 1% hydrocortisone. It might be a good idea if the area in question looks swollen and red. You do not need a prescription to obtain this cream, and it’s easily available to you at your local pharmacy. Calamine lotion you may have have left over from last summer’s poison ivy will also work to kill the itch. If you do not have any calamine lotion handy, you’ll find it at the same pharmacy that sold you the steroid cream.
Unfortunately any bites you receive from fleas will be followed by very intense itching. A good way to stop the itching is to take an oral anti-histamine like Benadryl, Chlortrimeton or Dimetapp. This will help you heal a lot quicker since the itching will stop, along with the scratching.
The above treatment methods are really excellent ways to treat flea bites. However, if your symptoms persist, and you do not seem to be able to get relief on your own, do call your doctor. He or she can prescribe antibiotics to help reduce any inflammation you may be experiencing.
The best way to end this nightmare would be to permanently eliminate all of the fleas in your home and treat your pet for fleas. A topical treatment such as Frontline or Advantage will kill the fleas on your pet and prevent future infestations. In your house use a boric acid treatment or a fogger. If you’re not up to using either of those get a professional exterminator. Once your pet and home are free of the pests you’ll not have to put up with flea bites on humans.

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