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Are you looking for organic flea carpet removers? You may want to look into your broom closet or kitchen for some cheap solutions.
As you might know, fleas thrive almost everywhere. And when we say everywhere, that may include your pets, your clothes, your plants and even on the hallway carpet. Technically, adult fleas need a living host in order to multiply. However, the flea eggs can be laid in any moist location and could remain in suspended animation until it senses a living host to jump unto. So yes, that means that you can de-flea your pets, but once your animal companions start walking on surfaces where flea eggs and larvae are embedded, then there is a very good chance that an infestation will happen once more.
There are of course, many flea carpet remover products out there but these can cost you a pretty penny indeed. Here are two of our recommendations for more organic (and cheapest!) flea carpet remover measures.

Flea Carpet Remover 1

Heat. Flea larvae and eggs wilt under the smallest amounts of heat; while adult fleas die off under prolonged exposure to any form of heat source. You can use the steam option of your carpet cleaner as a very effective flea carpet remover. If there are certain parts of the floor that seems to be getting a lot more moisture than it should, particularly those near doorways, try setting a hair dryer on that spot to both dry off the carpet and dehydrate the parasites that may be thriving there. A steam iron can also make a great flea carpet spot remover.
However, the cheapest heat based flea carpet remover you can find is sunlight. Open your windows and doors to let in as much sunlight as possible. An hour or so of intense sunlight per day can kill off more parasites than an entire bottle of chemical based flea carpet remover – and without all the cleaning and scrubbing hassle too.
For smaller foot rugs, you may want to throw these in the wash and dry the fibers under a higher temperature. Or, after giving the foot rugs a thorough washing, you can expose these under a strong afternoon sun until it dries. Again, the strongest rays of light make the best flea carpet remover.

Flea Carpet Remover 2

Salt. Salt is an unusual but apparently effective flea carpet remover. Ordinary rock salt will do or any salt product with very coarse particles. The salt is especially harmful to flea larvae and eggs. However, to make sure that the salt becomes a truly effective flea carpet remover, sprinkle these under the carpet or rub the salt deep into the fibers. Make sure that the carpet is dry though so that the salt particles remain intact.

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