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This may sound incredible, but there are still a lot of myths when it comes to tackling dogs’ flea problem – one of which involves going on an all “organic” dogs’ flea solution. This dogs’ flea myth may stem from the belief that organic practices have proven successful and that any form of medication is unnecessary when it comes to our canine pets. The organic dog’s flea solution may also come from the misguided principle that every modern dogs’ flea removal option is potentially harmful. But is that really the case? Let us now debunk this organic dogs’ flea solution myth.
When tacking your dogs’ flea problem, going all out organic can be a better option – if you know the proper way of doing so. But many people think that going organic simply means limiting your canine companions’ treatment to giving your pet an organic-based flea shampoo bath and then ticking off the fleas by hand or using a flea comb.
True enough, using organic based products is always good. But in this regard, you may be worsening your dogs’ flea problem considerably if you are setting these limitations. An organic based flea shampoo bath is a good start, but your pet would need more than just a bath to keep the parasites away. Besides, we can only ever give our pets a few baths every so often.
If you really want to keep fleas away for good, you would also need to combine an organic flea shampoo bath with other natural means to repel parasites as well. That means that you also have to make sure that your surroundings are free from these parasites from hereon after. You cannot really hope to solve your dogs’ flea problem if you do not get rid of all possible flea and tick eggs and larvae scattered about.
Wash your pets bedding with hot or warm water, and let it dry in the sun completely. Vacuum your carpets and steam clean them if possible, to kill the growing larvae. Your dogs’ flea problem might also be alleviated if you start cleaning the yard and mowing the lawn. This removes all possible flea or tick breeding grounds.
Although ticking off your dogs’ flea problem using your hands or a special comb may help lessen the number of the biting adult parasites, the larvae and eggs are still there. The fine toothed flea comb never really picks up anything smaller than the half grown insects. Besides, most pets (and owners!) cannot stand the long, painful process of removing the dogs’ flea infestation through manual work.
Instead, try to add other organic solutions (e.g. applying diatomaceous earth) to prevent the possibility of the offending fleas from laying more eggs, while using the flea combs at the same time.

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